Amino Acids

Getting the right supplementation can help trigger the right kind of releases to power through your day, intensify your exercise workouts, and sculpt down with a buffed-out body. With the right performance booster you can kick-start your body's chemistry into body sculpting mode. You can also unlock your body's ability to enable a ton of other health and performance benefits that will leave you walking away with several reasons to have a smile on your face. GAC injections may just be the performance booster you need.

Please note: GAC injections are no longer available for purchase. You can now enroll to take a powerful Arginine/Carnitine combo as prescribed by your telemedicine doctor. Click here to enroll.

What are GAC Injections?

The GAC cocktail is the ultimate performance booster supplement that's uniquely formulated to help you gain lean muscle and attain the type of body you deserve.

It's made up of super amino acids that encourage the body to balance hormones, stimulate higher metabolic rates, and build new muscle tissue. These protein-synthesized compounds are the well-known glutamine, arginine and carnitine trio.

Formulated together, they provide a powerful force of fat-burning, muscle-building, and energy-producing elements in the body. As a liquid injectable team, the effect they have on the body's chemistry is especially notable to those looking for effective performance-boosting, body sculpting, and weight loss results. Here are the dosages of the ingredients that make up the GAC formula:

But how does injectable GAC work? As a team, they affect the part of the brain that releases growth hormones. By naturally encouraging release of hGH, the body responds with several hormonal processes being corrected to put the body into fat-loss and muscle building mode. While existing muscle is being protected, new muscle cells are being constructed to form a lean and cut body.

Because of the increased levels of growth hormone stimulation in the body, the metabolism is also kicked into high gear. This is to accommodate the burning off of excess fat and stored adipose tissue to be used as fuel and energy by the body. This means effective weight loss as well as the toning and tightening up of hard-to-lose areas such as the inner thighs, armpits, and even that extra tire around your waist. But wait, there's more...

Benefits of GAC Performance Booster

It really is possible to max up your horse-power to lift heavier than before and define those abs more than ever. With glutamine and arginine working together, you have a force that's running through your bloodstream to deliver immediate support to stressed out muscle tissue. You're talking about muscle repair and protection at the cellular level to enable you to build new muscle while you're body is undergoing reparation at the same time.

Plus, with the trigger of certain hormones, your body is also releasing nitric oxide (NO) to open and widen those blood vessels to ensure that your muscles are getting more than sufficient blood and oxygen. This means you can work out longer with more intensity and better endurance to really get the pump you want.

Benefits of GAC

On top of the fat-burning and muscle-building benefits, you're also getting other positive effects from the increased blood and oxidation levels. For males, you're getting the added benefit of stamina, efficiency, and possibly increased levels of testosterone. That means more manliness, endurance, and virility in any environment you think could use improvement. Perhaps the workplace, the gym, or even the bedroom.

GAC injections can provide you with the following benefits:

  • increased energy
  • delayed fatigue
  • higher metabolic rate
  • proper adipose tissue (fat) metabolism
  • natural release of growth hormones
  • natural release of NO
  • increased blood and oxidation levels
  • weight loss
  • gain lean muscle mass
  • prevents muscle breakdown
  • improves recovery time
  • improved sexual ability
  • improved performance, endurance, and intensity levels

How to Use GAC

You will only need to take approximately 1 ml once a week to start, unless advised by your physician otherwise. This is because the GAC cocktail gently and naturally stimulates these biological processes to take place while it remains in the body's system longer than other injectable formulas. Rounds are typically done in a five week series, and then can begin again after a break period of two to three weeks.

Since this cocktail teams l-arginine and l-carnitine together with glutamine it can be extremely beneficial to use approximately 30 minutes prior to your workout to make the most out of your injection benefits. It needs to be injected following an intramuscular procedure. This is to deliver the ingredients straight to the vascular muscle tissue where it's going to be needed the most.

Performance Booster

Possible Side Effects of GAC Injections

Because these compounds naturally occur in your body, there are normally few side effects experienced. The GAC cocktail formula is designed to provide the right amount of stimulation needed to support and encourage the benefits. This enables injectable GAC to be used without compromising your health or negatively interfering with any other biological processes.

When there are negative side effects reported, it's typically related to incorrect use and application of the injection itself. You can experience itchiness, redness, and swelling at the injection site, infection, and tissue damage or skin changes. Other side effects related to the GAC combo are rarely experienced, but can be:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • light-headedness, headaches

Symptoms such as coughing, swelling in the face, difficulty breathing, a skin rash and fever or chills can signify an allergic reaction and you should seek medical attention immediately. Since these amino acids should not be used when certain medical conditions are present, and with various medications, it is important to always consult with your personal physician or TeleDoc before use. This will rule out any underlying conditions that may prevent you from getting the full benefits of the GAC cocktail.

To maximize on all the clean eating, weight lifting, and intense workouts, give your body the extra encouragement it needs by providing it with the ultimate performance boosting supplement to make it happen. With GAC, you'll be able to lose that flab, tighten up those abs, and have that body that you've always wanted. With all the extra energy at your demand, you'll have more time and stamina to put it to use in a more pleasurable setting too... another reason to walk away with a smile on your face.

Arginine-Carnitine Combo

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